I'm Nuts About This Nut and I Love it a Brazillion

What It Is:  Brazil nuts.  Three of them a day.  You eat them, you feel better.  It's AMAZEBALLS!   I prefer certified organic, from the source (shipped in from the Amazon River Basin in South America), and already shelled because you pay the price per pound and the shell that gets chucked weighs more than the nut.  Regular grocery store Brazil nuts are not certified organic and may not be from the source.  

The Claims:  Brazil nuts are unique in that they are the richest known food source of Selenium.  Selenium is an important mineral that is an effective in minimizing the incidence and symptomatic severity of PTSD.  Google "Selenium and PTSD" and read the studies for yourself.  This is a Brazil nut in the shell.  

Photo purchased from 123RF

Photo purchased from 123RF

Yes I know what they used to be called and I am offended that we called them that and grateful that we no longer refer to them as that.  

Can't I just take a supplement pill and get Selenium?  Yes, but pill form does not absorb as well as the selenium in organic Brazil nuts and I always choose real food to chemical supplements where I can.  

Do I need organic?  I do, but you may not.  You can buy non-organic Brazil nuts at most grocery stores that carry bulk nuts.  The prices on this nut come way down at Christmas time and they are easier to find then.  Grab a nutcracker and go for it.

Organic Brazil nuts boast more selenium than any other nut - about 2,500 times as much! 

Brazil nuts are considered a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. This makes them a beneficial addition to vegetarian and vegan diets. Also a rich source of dietary fiber, Brazil nuts make a filling snack that can help with weight control.

CAUTION: Do not eat too many Brazil nuts because too much Selenium isn't good for you either.  Three nuts a day is a perfect amount to give you the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Selenium you need.  Like with any other vitamin or mineral, if you eat a TON of it you can get sick.  There is a House episode about a dude who Dr. House diagnoses with Selenium Toxicity from eating tons of Brazil nuts.   

What It Did For Me:  Selenium is a game changer for me.  Those of us with PTSD need a Selenium boost.  I saw a decrease in symptoms after taking them about a month.  Plus I enjoy the way they taste and I like the other health benefits of them.  PTSD Chick eats three certified organic, shelled Brazil nuts every day and after trying several brands and sellers, I sell the ones I found to be the best and least expensive in my shop on the link above.  Because I buy them in bulk, I beat the prices on Amazon.

PTSD Chick Rating: 5 of 5.  Selenium is my friend.  I would invite Selenium over for dinner and hug it if I could.  Most of my clients see relief.  I have a client who take supplements due to nut allergies.  I eat three of them daily and I like the variety of eating them whole or chopping them and throwing them in a salad or in a bowl of ice cream.